The Man with the Invincible Gun Is now available on Kindle and Nook.

Adrian Call is The Man with the Invincible Gun. He’s a contract killer who will kill anyone for the right price. His gleaming gun allows him to kill anyone, even those superbeings thought to be invulnerable. He’s made a good life for himself, but can he continue to stay ahead of the government agents secretly hunting him down using years of training and their specialized powers? It will take all his skill and determination to stay out of their grasp, especially now that he’s taken on an apprentice, a seventeen-year-old girl named Rebecca Dylan. What’s so special about Rebecca that Adrian would let her into his life? And will she ever stop trying to kill him for kidnapping her? How many times will Adrian save her life before he decides she’s too much trouble to save again? And who are the shadowy figures following both Adrian and the Agents-what, or who, could they be after? Can years of experience and a gun that can kill anyone be enough to keep Adrian and Rebecca safe as they navigate the world of contract killing and superpowers? Or will they be the next ones on the hit list?

Wading through the muddy waters of the darker side of superpowers, The Man with the Invincible Gun, is non-stop action, with the intrigue of a spy story, the action of top Hollywood movies, and cliffhanger scenes that will keep anyone on the edge of their seat and turning pages to the very end.