For those of you who like psychic detective stories and, well, me. There’s a new story up on Kindle. Amsterdam and the Murder Twins in: The Oysters.
Dealing with problems on the street can be a dangerous business, especially when the streets include psychic maniacs and otherworldly thieves. But it’s up to Amsterdam and the Murder Twins to walk the shady side of the darkness to solve your problems for you.
Amsterdam is a hardnosed private investigator that thinks he’s got it all figured out, but when he takes a job to find a wealthy heiress’s twin sister it’s a case that will lead him down a winding road of sex, drugs, and demon worship. Can he solve the case in time to save the sister, or has time already run out? And will the twins ever shut up and let him think for two minutes?
Let me know what you think about Amsterdam and his partners. I have more stories for them, and if you like them I’ll make those available too. Thanks for the support!