Stories Published as Samuel Eden

Sabine is a savvy business woman who has managed to make her porn shop a success by making it a boutique that promotes sex for couples. AJ and Rocko are her grandsons, working at the store until they figure out what to do with their lives, but generally being directionless. This all changes the day they come into work to find the store has been robbed. With no proof of a robbery, and the store’s reputation hanging in the balance, the brothers rise to action. AJ and Rocko bumble their way from seedy rival porn store to the dark dungeons of an S&M club in search of help. Rocko even works up the courage to call his ex-girlfriend, a cop on the vice squad, for help. Will they find the missing merchandise, or will each lead they chase turn out to be false? Find out in: Phallacy, the first Little Shop of Porn mystery.

They are the Zodiac, siblings on a cosmic scale, harnessed with a destiny that is as inescapable as it is mysterious. They are clandestine guardians of a universal order that be must protected at all costs, even if they don’t know why or what would happen if they fail.
After years of content domesticity Vera is pulled back into the world of intrigue and violence by one of her Siblings. Finally The Zodiac has a lead on the ultra-secret organization that’s been manipulating the world and hunting them for years. Vera must hope her rusty reflexes are up to the challenge as she wades through colluding, sleazy criminals, killer androids, and vicious, bio-engineered clones to uncover the leaders of the terrorist science cell.
Is she up to the task? Find out in these pulse-pounding pages. Kindle edition here.

It’s everything you never knew you always wanted: faerie noir. Sea Salt and Vinegar the first of the Reiner Rotterdam Mysteries is now on Kindle.
Detective Laura Swin is a homicide detective whose experience, and position, have been hard won on the streets of the city. When a series of murders shakes her to her core with their impossible circumstance, the investigation hits a dead end.
Enter Reiner Rotterdam. He’s a mountain of a man standing just over seven feet tall. He’s a drunk. He spends more of his time in drunk tanks around the city than out of them. And, oh yeah, he’s Swin’s only hope of cracking the case because he’s also a Troll.
Reiner is cursed for a crime perpetrated by his race of fae, and stuck in a human form. But Swin can’t be picky when it comes to help with this case. Can this lone human detective and this outcast Troll find the killer before more bodies pop up? Especially when the killer is its own type of fae with all the power that entails?

Dealing with problems on the street can be a dangerous business, especially when the streets include psychic maniacs and otherworldly thieves. But it’s up to Amsterdam and the Murder Twins to walk the shady side of the darkness to solve your problems for you.
Amsterdam is a hardnosed private investigator that thinks he’s got it all figured out, but when he takes a job to find a wealthy heiress’s twin sister it’s a case that will lead him down a winding road of sex, drugs, and demon worship. Can he solve the case in time to save the sister, or has time already run out? And will the twins ever shut up and let him think for two minutes? Available on Kindle and Nook.

Adrian Call is The Man with the Invincible Gun. He’s a contract killer who will kill anyone for the right price. His gleaming gun allows him to kill anyone, even those superbeings thought to be invulnerable. He’s made a good life for himself, but can he continue to stay ahead of the government agents secretly hunting him down using years of training and their specialized powers? It will take all his skill and determination to stay out of their grasp, especially now that he’s taken on an apprentice, a seventeen-year-old girl named Rebecca Dylan. What’s so special about Rebecca that Adrian would let her into his life? And will she ever stop trying to kill him for kidnapping her? How many times will Adrian save her life before he decides she’s too much trouble to save again? And who are the shadowy figures following both Adrian and the Agents-what, or who, could they be after? Can years of experience and a gun that can kill anyone be enough to keep Adrian and Rebecca safe as they navigate the world of contract killing and superpowers? Or will they be the next ones on the hit list?

Wading through the muddy waters of the darker side of superpowers, The Man with the Invincible Gun, is non-stop action, with the intrigue of a spy story, the action of top Hollywood movies, and cliffhanger scenes that will keep anyone on the edge of their seat and turning pages to the very end. Available on Kindle and Nook.

Superiority Complex, now available on Kindle and Nook. If you’re like me and can’t get enough of superheroes then this is for you. Jason Chalmers is a recent graduate from the Academy, and is thrust into the role of superhero on the world’s premier superteam the Defenders. Thomas Reid is the newest student at the recently formed vilainy academy, will he graduate into godhood or be vaporized by his classmates? Mike has just moved to Superior City to go to college, but can he stay out of trouble in a city with more superbeings per capita than any other in the world, especially since he’s a superbeing himself? And don’t forget DaVinci, is he a budding supervillain or just looking for a place to belong? Can they survive the complexity?

Snowfall, now available on Kindle at  Snow White is evil, and she must die. Set forty years after the orginal tale, a betrayed, embittered, and aged Woodsman has decided to finally finish the job the Queen tasked him with so long ago.  This time, though, he’s added seven new names to his hit list. Also available on Nook.

First Words, at The Fringe Magazine. Things existed before we came upon them and named them, but what were they called before we uttered that collection of syllables that defined it for us? Before a storm was a storm, what was it? What if you were a Vessel and knew the Universal name for a thing? Would you make the world a more beautiful place, causing flowers to sprout and grow anywhere by merely speaking the Universal name for flower wherever you went? Who could know the awesome power and responsibility you carry inside you? Who could you find that would understand and accept you?