My Life on Five Pages a Day

Hello there, intrepid reader.  We have gathered here today to discuss a subject that I shudder to think about: Myself.  I honestly don’t know where to start.  The beginning is the same as everybody’s: a misconceived perception by two people “in love” that they should have a family.    I grew up and there is nothing auspicious about that.  And, unfortunately, I am still in the town where I grew up.  This utter loss of hope that has super-glued me to this geographic location is the spectacular legal screwing from the end of my first marriage.  But all is not lost, I now have my fairy tale ending spouse, who has encouraged me in my writing career; and is even now cringing at this sentence as I have her proofread it.  That is why you have this bio at the moment.

I have two degrees.  The first is a BA in creative writing and the second is a BS in education.  Both of which seem quite incidental to my life as it stands other than placing a guillotine of debt about the collective heads of myself and my beloved wife.

The BS in education was achieved with the belief that I needed to get a job so that I could eat.  And that belief is not false, but it was rooted and entwined with the belief that there are teaching jobs.  Someone, and I’m not sure who, has lied to my ass and I swallowed it whole.  The BA in creative writing seems incidental, because I’ve been writing since I was thirteen.  Though the college experience in general helped me to refine some editing techniques and hone my self discipline as a writer, English degrees require sooo many papers.

And if you’re still reading this then I commend you.  Please enjoy the website and have a nice day.