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Okay, so as you can see I have some links up on the page. I want to talk a bit about them.

First is AJ Sabino. AJ is the first person I met through a convention. He’s a good guy and a talented artist. He actually did the superheroine for the All Ameri-Con flyer this year. If you get a chance give his site a look.

Second, we have Fantasy World Writer. I met Matt at this past convention after sending some e-mails back and forth about him wanting to review my work. He’s got a review up for Superiority Complex that I think is more than fair. He’s a good guy. From what he told me he runs the website as an aside from his day job. And that’s why I love the Internet; it allows you to indulge in what you like/love/are obsessed with and find other people who like/love/are obsessed with the same thing. It’s a great place to build a community or find one. He doesn’t just do books either, he also reviews movies and television shows, and recently setup a calender for release dates on movies and shows and books. Go on over and join the community.

Thirdly of the new links: Teen Ink. A young woman at this past convention told me her story was on their website. After checking it out (search: Raven Darius, the story is Delusional), I spent some time bopping around the site. It’s pretty cool. It encourages teens to write. There ain’t nothing wrong with that. They have both a print magazine and the website. Again I think this is great because of the whole sense of community. When I was a teen and trying to find my voice through writing there really wasn’t anything like this. I’m a fan of anything that encourages people to write. So once again take a look at the site and be part of the community.

Now a word on future links, while I like the distinct lack of clutter on my website I can’t very well rave about building a community through the Internet and then not put links up on my site. So more links will appear, but there isn’t a set list or schedule for that right now. Just keep an eye out. Until next time.